Beyond the Shadows is Carl Wieland’s memoir of the serious car accident he had in 1986 which changed his life and career path.

Carl does a good job of focussing on the important issue, which was how the accident affected his faith and theology. He mostly kept the details of the accident and his consequent injuries concise and to the point. He also didn’t use the book as an overt way of promoting Creation Ministries, though this is mentioned. As a result of the accident, he became the Managing Director of Creation Ministries.

Carl includes his testimony, although not necessary for the purpose of the book, it gives good background and an understanding of his perspective. It’s a fascinating account and it provides a logical progression into his work with Creation Ministries.

Mostly the book explains Carl’s understanding of why God allows suffering and his understanding of miraculous healing. I enjoyed the book possibly because I agreed with most (but not all) of his views. He also explains how he found God’s peace, comfort and provision in the midst of some very difficult circumstances.

The book includes an appendix of three articles he wrote that use his experiences from the car accident as evidence to support his theological views on creation.

Overall a good read.