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Beyond the Fight by Carol Preston is set in Australia during World War I and is a fascinating look into lives of people during a difficult time in Australia’s history. Against this backdrop is a budding romance between Mabel the daughter of a prosperous landowner and Percy who was also brought up a farm, but by comparison it’s a small, struggling concern. Mabel and Percy are keen to make their own decisions about their futures, decisions which are not always well received. Secrets from the past emerge which also impact the young couple.

The story brings out the prejudices and the discrimination that were prevalent at the time over a number of issues. There was the internment of German born Australians and the debate over conscription. There was the naïve and enthusiasm of some young men wanting to fight while others were against enlistment. Closer to home there were the class distinctions which made life difficult for Mable and Percy. As the war continued there was the tragic loss of life and the life-time damage to many.

This is a realistic and well-written story, using historic events to weave an enjoyable story. It portrays the hardships that many experienced, while the romance bring hope and joy during a distressing time.

Overall a great read.

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