In Beyond Jabez (Multnomah, 2005) Bruce Wilkinson has answered many of the objections that people raised in relation to his first book, The Prayer of Jabez and in doing so has explained his views in a much clearer way. He has drawn on more of the Bible that just the two verses in 1 Chronicles 4 that mention Jabez to expand his teaching on this subject. Wilkinson has employed many practical applications and examples. I also enjoyed the personal stories that Wilkinson included about his own life.

The book is in four parts, like his first book, which are the four parts of Jabez’s prayer. These are: That you would bless me; that you would enlarge my territory; that your hand would be with me and that you would keep me from evil. Praying in the vein of Jabez’s prayer is exposed as being deeply challenging. We are asking God to bless and enlarge our influence, which takes us out of our comfort zone for the benefit of His Kingdom. The prayer invites God to answer in any way he wishes. So if you are ready for a challenge I would recommend, Beyond Jabez.

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