Becoming Me : finding my true self in God is Jo-Anne Berthelsen’s memoir of her faith journey. It’s an honest account of her struggles, joys and disappointments whilst engaging in a number of different roles—teacher, editor, secretary, pastor, wife, mother, grandmother.

I’ve also read Jo-Anne’s other non-fiction title, Soul Friend and it was interesting to read the further insights Jo-Anne has had since that time.

I did find the first couple of chapters of Becoming Me hard to relate to as Jo-Anne’s background is very different to mine. However, once the book progressed to her conversion to faith, I was hooked. I found Jo-Anne to be very self-aware and brave as she recollected the moments of her life that significantly impacted her faith. Her insights were thoughtful and helpful.

I suspect her heighten self-awareness came from her experiences with a mentor and other spiritual advisors who worked with her as she entered pastoral ministry and later as she ministered in other settings. Her story is very encouraging as Jo-Anne shows us God’s desires for us to be free of insecurity, perfectionism, self-doubt and other obstacles that would hinder us from achieving all God intends. However this takes time and effort on our part to do the spiritual work of growing in our relationship with God.

The book is down-to-earth and easy to read. Each chapter finishes with some reflections so that it isn’t just about someone else’s spiritual experiences but the material can be applied to the reader.

Overall a good read.