Be a Circle Maker by Mark Batterson is a booklet containing three excerpts from Mark Batterson’s, The Circle Maker. It gives a foretaste of Mark’s longer book which I reviewed here. The first chapter tells the story Honi, a Jewish sage, who lived in the last century before Christ. During a severe drought, he drew a circle on the ground and prayed, saying he would not move from the circle until God sent rain. It would appear that he had a strong conviction from God to make this declaration and it began raining almost immediately. The second chapter is Mark’s own experiences with prayer and the final chapter relates other people’s experiences.

However, the difficult I had with, The Circle Maker, continued with this booklet, which was Mark doesn’t fully explain what he means when he uses the expression ‘be a circle maker.’ Again I feel he equates it with praying fervently and persistently, but he doesn’t fully connect this with the discernment required to know what to pray in a given situation.

The book is easy to read and a good encouragement to pray, but some more instruction on seeking God’s will would be helpful.