Audacious by Beth Moore challenges us to love Jesus audaciously because that’s how he loves us. Beth focusses on the word, ‘audacious’ because it expresses something of the bold, daring, and brave ways in which we will act when we are fully convinced of God’s love and respond to it.

The book reads like Beth is overwhelmed by God’s love and grace. It overflows on every page and every illustration. It seems Beth can’t empathise enough how much God loves us, and how we can live in his love.

My favourite part of the book is Beth discussing the woman Jesus met at the well in John 4. Beth pulls out three phrases that Jesus says to her, “If only you knew”; “you would ask” and “I would give you.” Likewise we often don’t fully appreciate how much God is invested in us. How much he goes out of his way to find us, perhaps by a metaphorical well that won’t ultimately satisfy our needs. Often we don’t ask for what we need, life giving water, and Jesus won’t force his answers upon us. When we don’t ask, he’s not able to give us all the blessings he has in mind because we don’t trust his love and goodness enough to fully surrender our lives to him. However, through Beth’s encouragement, she (and I) hope that you will.

A wonderfully encouraging read.