Angel by Zoe Daniel is part of the, Through my eyes natural disaster zones, series which are fictional stories about young people who live through real disasters. Angel is almost thirteen-years-old and lives near Tacloban City in the Philippines which was hit by super typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda in November 2013.

The story begins with the impending threat of a major storm but no one anticipates how bad it will be. The villagers make the usual preparations but these proved inadequate when the super typhoon makes landfall. Angel’s mother and younger brothers evacuate to their grandparent’s farm, and although it’s further inland it turns out to be closer to the main front of the typhoon. During the storm, Angel is separated from her father and rescued by a neighbour. For several days Angel doesn’t know the fate of the rest of her family.

The final chapter is a year after the typhoon and shows how slow the recovery process has been. Angel and her family weren’t able to return to their house as it was deemed unsafe to live so near the shoreline.

While the story is a good account of living through a natural disaster, at times it has a journalistic tone. More showing and less telling would have created a more engaging account.

Overall though, a good fictional retelling of a real event.

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