And the Lion Roared No More by Deborah McDermott is a fictional account of Daniel based on the biblical book. The advantage of biblical fiction is that it can give you insights into the culture and context of the book. McDermott has created a story where the reader is confronted with the possible realities of Daniel’s situation that we aren’t often aware of and his likely emotional reactions. This was particularly apparent when we discover that Daniel is made a eunuch. This isn’t directly stated in the Bible but was likely to be a custom at the time for slaves serving in the Babylonian palace. It’s alluded to in Isaiah 39:5-7.

The knowledge that Daniel not only survived life in Babylonia but flourished, is a testimony to his faith and God’s enabling. It makes the reader realise how relatively easy life is for a Christian in our current environment.

I enjoyed the inclusion of the hanging gardens of Babylon being created by Nebuchadnezzar for his wife. While not an established fact, it does seem possible. The depiction of Nebuchadnezzar’s change of attitude at the end of the book and his eventual acknowledgment of the one true God was well done.

Overall the book is a challenging story of living out faith in a hostile environment.