I struggled a little with, An Incorruptible Heart by David McCracken, because I felt I was not the intended audience, nevertheless, I did gain much from the book.

The material in the book is intended for pastors and experienced leaders to warn them of pitfalls and dangers to avoid. Much of the book was intended to address the motivations and attitudes of leaders. It is very easy to let one’s motives go unnoticed and unchecked when one is put in a leadership position and it seems there is no one in authority over you, except for God. This book is a good reminder to implement strategies and safeguards and to regularly examine one’s attitude. McCracken teaches readers the importance of doing this so ministry remains on track.

McCracken draws on his many years of ministry to impart practical wisdom to those involved in church leadership as well as example from Scripture, particularly Saul and David who provide a positive and negative model.

I enjoyed the cartoons scattered throughout the book. McCracken is dealing with a serious subject – integrity in leadership so some light relief in the form of cartoons was very welcome.

An informative read.