Last month I posted a book review of Lynne Burgess’ second book, All-in 2 Night which can be read here. This review is for her first book in the series, All-in Night.

Lynne Burgess is a busy mum of a large family who was looking for a way of talking to her children about issues that didn’t naturally come up in the day-to-day routines of a busy family life; issues such as values, ethics, compassion, etc. Lynne and her husband created a ritual one night a week where the family shared a special dessert and discussed a particular topic. The topics were introduced in a variety of fun ways and her book, All-in Night, contains the format of many of these discussion starters.

I like the practicality that comes through in Lynne’s writing. She is honest about how these discussions times are created and maintained. They take time off for school holidays and vary the length of the discussions; sometimes only taking ten minutes other times taking much longer. She also explains how they accommodate the wide age range of their children.

A useful resource and idea generator for families and those who work with primary school children.