This is the second of Lynne Burgess’ books in the All in Night series and another useful resource for young families. It is designed for parents who want to be intentional about their parenting skills and create opportunities to discuss values and lifestyle issues. 40 topics cover the number of weeks in a school year. There are many excellent ideas and valuable tools to help parents teach their children life skills. Many of the topics need to be explored during the week and require a sizable commitment from the parents to keep the children engaged.

I felt a tinge of guilt as I read this book as I was not purposeful about discussing many of the topics in this book with my own children (who are now adults). I also wondered if I would have been able to implement an “all in night” if I had had the resources back then. It certainly would have been challenging as one of our children in particular had a very short attention span and his younger brother was inclined to copy his behaviour. There is not a lot of discussion in the book about children who refuse to cooperate. Having a special dessert is a good incentive but a heavy sugar intake may be counterproductive for some children and perhaps other treats need to be considered. Nevertheless, I would encourage parents to implement the concept but be prepared to be flexible to see what works with their family.

The ideas in the book have more uses than just in families. Some of the ideas would work well in an after-school program or even as part of a Sunday School curriculum.

A useful resource.

Thanks to Even Before Publishing for providing a free book for review.