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I was a bit apprehensive about reading Activate because I haven’t read the first two books in the series. However, Adele does a great job of providing sufficient backstory and keeping the story moving at the same time.

Blaine is in witness protection, but frustrated with his lack of freedom, he takes unnecessary risks and is caught by those who would do away with him. Despite failing health, he is determined to see justice done and overcomes many obstacles in the process.

The medication dramas that Blaine faces are complicated and the science behind it all is incredible, yet Adele makes it sound believable and it creates an action-packed, fast-moving story. Adele generates significant amounts of tension and conflict, which is well communicated. I also enjoyed some of the minor characters and thought they were well portrayed.

My personal preference would have been to have a little more Christian input in the story. Blaine struggles with faith throughout the story, without resolution and without much contribution from others. Nevertheless the story finishes with a sense of hope.

I enjoyed the story, although it is a bit complex, especially not having read the previous books.

An action packed read.