In Above All Else, Wendy Hayes looks at the importance of intimacy and explains that God made us for relationship. He is therefore looking for close relationships with his children. Intimacy benefits us in many ways such as by giving us confidence and strength through God’s presence in our life.

Wendy identifies the many issues that hinder us from having intimacy. Issues such as emotional wounds, unforgiveness, a legalistic mindset and a Martha-type attitude. She describes the purpose of our emotions and how to prevent negative emotions from distracting us from pursuing intimacy. She writes about how God perceives us and how this enables us to connect more deeply with him.

Wendy writes in a practical, straightforward manner that is easy to read and understand. She uses her own experiences and also those of others who she has met in a counselling situation to illustrate the truths she teaches.

Please be aware, there are a few minor formatting problems in the book which slightly distracts from the text.

Overall, an insightful and helpful read.

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