I enjoyed the premise of Emily Freeman’s book, A Million Little Ways, which is, we’re often looking for the one big thing God wants us to do when his plan is for his love and grace to spill out of our lives in a million little ways.

Emily discussed life from the perspective of God creating us as artists and the work we do as art, regardless of whether we’re a musician or an accountant. Overall, this is a helpful concept. I can become very task orientated and this reminds me that God is interested in other qualities, apart from simply getting a job done.

However, at times the book became quite abstract. This might just be personal taste, but I don’t do well with abstract concepts. To combat this, Emily used illustrations from her own life which helped move the discussion from abstract to concrete. Though she often used the present tense when describing them. For example, “I’m eight years old and we live on a tiny plot of land …”. I assume she was imagining being eight, but this added a dreamy feel to her writing which I didn’t find engaging. Despite all this, Emily brought out many useful insights and good suggestions.

Overall a beneficial read.

PS Since reading this book, I’ve taken Emily Freeman’s advice to look out for those things which move me to tears, as these are clues to what makes us come alive. This has been a helpful practice.

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