A Dolphin Wish is book 2 in the Glimmer Girls series and this story focuses on Mia Glimmer. Mia has a twin sister, Maddie and a younger sister Lulu. Her mother is the famous singer, Gloria Glimmer and the girls often travel with their mother to her concerts. They have a nanny, Miss Julia and the girls’ father sometimes accompanies them, too.

The family is in San Diego for a few days at the beach before Gloria’s next concert. They visit the local adventure park and Mia overhears the animal handlers saying that someone is unlocking the animals’ cages. The animals are in danger of escaping into the wild where they may not survive. Mia is determined to investigate especially after her sister, Maddie, solved a mystery when they were in London.

Through the adventure, the girls learn about friendship, truth-telling and God’s mysterious ways. I enjoyed this story more than the first book in the series as I found it a bit more realistic. Natalie Grant writes well and creates interesting stories.

Overall a good read for 8-12-year-olds.

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