A Clue for Clara is a fun book about a clever chook who wants to become a famous detective. However being unable to talk in a way humans can understand, she has taken to writing notes. It’s unclear how Clara learnt to read and write but she is very proficient. She has also learnt Morse code and semaphore.

Clara’s owner takes pity on her because she is a small, scruffy chook who is often bullied by the other chickens and the rooster. So she lets her come into the farmhouse and watch television with her grandson, Digby, who likes to watch detective shows. Clara’s view of the world has been shaped by the many detective shows she has watched. This leads to many funny moments.

One day when trying to escape more bullying, Clara hides in a police car which visits her farm. The police constable, Dave Hennessey, is the farmer’s son who is grieving the loss of his wife. His daughter, Olive, Digby’s cousin, is struggling with the loss of her mother. Olive is shocked when Clara starts writing her notes but offers her phone which allows Clara to type her messages much quicker. Olive tells Clara that her father is trying to solve a series of sheep thefts in the area and Clara is determined to solve the case and become a famous detective. Meanwhile, Olive is being bullied by a recent arrival at school.

Lian Tanner tells a great story and uses humour well. The story has a satisfying ending as Clara learns friendship is more important than being famous.

Overall a fun read with a subtle message.

Thanks to Christian School Supplier for providing a free book for review.