I enjoyed reading 7 Women : and the secret of their greatness by Eric Metaxas, though I’m not sure I discovered their secret to greatness, except that they followed the call of God on their life.

The seven women are Joan of Arc, Susanna Wesley, Hannah More, Maria Skobtsova, Corrie ten boom, Rosa Parks and Mother Teresa. A couple of these women I was very familiar with, others I’ve never heard of, but all faced significant obstacles and challenges as they pursued their calling.

As someone who likes to write, I found Hannah More the most inspiring because she impacted the world mostly through her writing. I’ve heard Susanna Wesley’s story before but I was surprised by the number of apparently unnecessary difficulties she face, especially those caused by her husband. Joan of Arc was remarkable for one so young, yet so determine to fulfil God’s plan. It was interesting reading Rosa Park and then Mother Teresa immediately after each other, because the call of God on their lives was almost opposite. Rosa felt called to stand up for the rights of oppressed people, whereas Mother Teresa mostly cared for the oppressed and afflicted, without stand up for their rights. Later in her life, she did travel widely and speak to various high profile people, but mainly her ministry was caring for the poor. Maria Skobtsova was a remarkable nun, which was surprising given her unlikely background. Like Corrie ten Boom she helped the Jews during World War II, and paid the price for doing so.

This is an easy to read, well written account of seven amazing women.

A good read.

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