Larry Crabb has written 66 Love letters : a conversation with God that invites you into his story (Thomas Nelson, 2010) on the premises that each book of the Bible is like a love letter where God is conveying more of his plan and more of his purpose in history. So beginning at Genesis and continuing all the way to Revelation he gives a summary of what God is trying to get us to see in each of the book. 66 love letters is not a commentary or a theological study of the Bible. Rather it is written in the format of a conversation between Larry and God. Mostly this works well and I found many of his insights helpful. At times it does get a bit repetitive as Larry seems to struggle with the same things over and over. However perhaps this is a testimony to Larry’s honesty and may accurately reflects our own struggles.

One concern I have is that setting out the 66 books in this way tends to suggest that the books were written in this order or that they are chronologically arranged, whereas this is not the case. At times it seems like there are contrived connections between the books.

Nevertheless despite these small criticisms, I did enjoy the book and found Larry’s approach refreshing and enlightening.

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