I flicked through a copy of, Women who think too much, recently because I was interested in the themes that Dr Susan Nolen-Hoeksema raises. They are similar themes to those raised by Neil Anderson in his books: Victory over the Darkness; Steps to Freedom; Bondage Breaker and similar also to Joyce Meyer’s Battlefields of the Mind.

However Susan Nolen-Hoeksema is not writing her book from a Christian perspective even though she does acknowledge the benefit of having spiritual resources to draw on. I was particularly interested to find that many of her conclusions are the same as Neil Anderson’s and Joyce Meyer’s. What we dwell on in our minds becomes more and more consuming and our perspective can get out of proportion to the actual events. Nolen-Hoeksema provides much practical advice as to how to overcome the overwhelming nature of worrying or anxious thoughts and how to train ourselves to choose what we think about.

While I did not read every word of this book I did find it helpful to glean information on this subject from a different world view and learn how others see the difficulties that negative thinking can cause.