Last week I posted a book review of The Corpse’s Tale. This week I’m reflecting on an underlying theme in the book.

Although a fictional story I found the villagers’ attitude towards David Morgan very insightful. David was the man disabled at birth due to lack of oxygen to his brain leaving him with the mind of a child. The villagers were quick to assume he was guilty of a murder though he had never shown any sign of violent behaviour.

Furthermore those who really were behind the murder showed no concern that David was locked up for 10 years as if his life didn’t count for much because of his disability. Yet David’s true contribution to the village becomes apparent during his absence. The church grounds and graveyard are overgrown from neglect and other odd jobs around the town are left undone. It becomes apparent why David’s nickname was, Dai Helpful.

The Corpse’s Tale, as well as being a good murder mystery also causes the reader to consider people’s worth regardless of their intellectual ability and the value of their contribution to society.