Pilgrimage : my journey to a deeper faith in the land where Jesus walked, is an autobiographic account of Lynn Austin’s trip to Israel. I first read this book a year ago and wrote a book review here. I wanted to read it again on my return from Israel because not only did I visit many of the same sites – which is not surprising but I also visited them in the same order. Perhaps this is also not surprising as it is quite a small country and geographically it makes sense to travel from south to north. It has taken me a while to find the time to reread it as it is now nearly a year since I went to Israel.

I enjoyed the book a lot more the second time around because I could now visualize where Lynn was and relate to her feelings. I was a bit more sympathetic to her situation. All her children moved away in a short space of time and in the last couple of months my own son and his family have moved much further away from me. Though I still sensed something else was going on in Lynn’s life.

She shares many, many lessons that she learnt in her travels which she then relates to her own spiritual journey. I found this a bit overwhelming. Maybe I’m a bit slow but spiritual lessons take me awhile to digest and apply to my life.

I did find the book more interesting the second time around but I think my hesitation with this book comes simply from the fact that Lynn and I live in different worlds. I don’t know Lynn’s background but I sense she has grown up in or lives in a Christian culture that I am unfamiliar with.

Nevertheless a good read.

I have now finished reviewing all my “Israel” books and will returning to my more usual books.