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This is my chapter summaries for Grace by R.T. Kendall. I don’t usually write chapter summaries, but I found Kendall’s thoughts on the Ten Commandments so helpful I want to keep a record.

  • A Stunning Claim
    Jesus claimed he would fulfil the Law. He took our place and became our substitute.
  • The Destiny of the Law
    Jesus kept the Law, all of it because we couldn’t. Once Jesus fulfilled the Law, it disappeared. We return to the blessing of living by faith like Abraham.
  • Status in the Kingdom of Heaven
    Before Pentecost believers were required to keep the Law.
  • The Law Outclassed
    The righteousness of the Pharisee is by actions, producing external righteousness. God’s righteousness is about attitudes which produce internal righteousness.
  • The Reason for the Ten Commandments
    God gave the commandments because of Israel’s sin. To protect them from themselves.
  • The First Commandment: The True God
    God is unique, God is Creator, God is living therefore put him first.
  • The Second Commandment: The Hiddenness of God
    We can’t see God so we believe and trust him by faith. Some would change God if they could, but as we mature, we come to the place where we say, I love you, God, just the way you are.
  • The Third Commandment: The Name of God
    Don’t use God or his name to make ourselves look good. Our responsibility is to make God look good.
  • The Fourth Commandment: Is Sunday Special?
    Yes, but not in a legalistic way. It’s a day for rest and refreshment regardless of the actual day of the week.
  • The Fifth Commandment: The First Commandment with a Promise
    Honour your parents. I will not allow what appear to be exceptions to stop me from believing God’s promises.
  • The Sixth Commandment: The Sin Nobody Admits To
    Murder doesn’t mean war or capital punishment because there is no hatred involved. Murder is the result of anger and hatred, sometimes jealousy.
  • The Seventh Commandment: The Sin Everybody Talks About
    Adultery fills our newspapers. God is against it because it destroys a person’s feelings of worth.
  • The Eighth Commandment: The Sin We Easily Justify
    There are four ways of stealing: Dishonest gain, taking advantage, robbing God, and dishonouring the gospel which means stealing Christ’s glory.
  • The Ninth Commandment: The Sin That Hurts Us Most
    The commandment prohibits false testimony which is protection against being falsely accused by others as well as stopping us falsely accusing others.
  • The Tenth Commandment: The Sin That Condemns Us All
    Covertness is not about our actions but our attitudes.