In the book, Fall Girl, Della is groomed and trained by her parents in the art of confidence tricking, she tells the story of her first ‘con’. She is successful in convincing an older lady to give her money after concocting a story about a lost bus fare. Following the incident she tells her parents, “It was wrong to take the money off that lady (pg. 20).”

But how would Della know that this was wrong? She had grown up in a family where telling lies was acceptable and a normal way of earning an income. And yet this is completely believable. The author has struck a chord that readers would identify with. Instinctively we know right from wrong. We may think this comes from our environment but as Della rightly proves it comes from something deeper. It is the ‘moral’ principle and it has led many to come to faith because the only logical explanation is that God has written right and wrong in our hearts.