Robyn Harbour, author of “Beyond the Palm Trees”, has invited me to participate in this Blog Tour. I enjoyed Robyn’s book and reviewed it here. It is her first book.

I met Robyn before she, along with her husband Russell, served as a full time missionary in Vanuatu for three years and then continued to minister throughout the islands of the South Pacific, speaking at conferences, Pastor’s Retreats, and Sunday School conferences for another four years.

It is has been good to reconnect with Robyn and discover her love of writing and books. I’m also looking forward to meeting again in person at the Australian Christian Writers’ Conference in October. Robyn is now based in Inverloch, Victoria, Australia, and is a member of Bass Coast Writers and also FaithWriters where she enters their weekly challenges.

Robyn continues to maintain many beautiful and valuable friendships with local indigenous people, who have shared their stories and experiences with her.

To find out more about Robyn and her writing, please go to her site:

Now it’s my turn to answer the set questions for this tour:

1. What are you working on at the moment?
I’m working on a couple of projects at the moment.

I have written a non-fiction book about the Sovereignty of God. The book explores the difficulties of trusting an all-powerful God while living in a broken world. It is a Christian Living book which deals with areas where I have struggled with the way God runs the world. My hope is that by reading the book others with have a deeper understanding of God and a fresh perspective on what a Christian life looks like. At the moment the manuscript is in the hands of a publisher who is interested but has also indicated that it needs more editing.

I’m also working on a series of children’s Bible stories with each one being about one of the disciples. By making use of the general descriptions about the disciples, the questions they asked and by using other clues from the Biblical accounts, these stories teach about the different personalities of the disciples and how Jesus impacted their lives.

In the meantime I continue to write a weekly devotional thought for my blog as well as book reviews and other inspirational articles. I have contributed about 50 devotionals to the FaithWriters Great Multitude Christian Daily Devotional which is on over 22,000 websites/blogs.

2. How does your work differ from others in your genre?
Everyone is unique and therefore everyone’s relationship with God is unique. So my work differs simply because it reflects my own experiences. I didn’t grow up in a Christian home and have struggled with traditional ways of understanding the Christian life.

3. Why do you write or create what you do?
I began writing devotional thoughts because the church my husband was pastoring produced a newsletter and the editor wanted a Biblical thought in it each fortnight. Some years later, when I was between jobs, I felt God leading me to produce a book based on the ideas in these devotionals. I also started this blog. Over the years I have been encouraged by people’s responses to my work. I don’t get a lot of comments on my blog but I do get a surprising number of visitors. Mostly these are random because people have typed into a search engine something I have written about.

4. How does your writing/creative process work?
Years ago when I started writing my process was very haphazard. I simply wrote when I felt like it. These days I am much more organized as I like to post on my blog three times a week so I no longer wait until I feel inspired but regularly set aside time to write. My devotional thoughts are based on what I am currently reading from the Bible so it is important that I kept up by regular devotions. My second blog, The Bible Study Place, helps me to do this.

The next writer tagged for this tour is Melissa Gijsbers.

I read and enjoyed Melissa Gijsbers’s book, “Swallow Me, Now!” and my book review is here.

In 2011, Melissa rediscovered her love of writing and wrote a series of flash fiction stories as well as dusting off some of the children’s book manuscripts she wrote in high school. She now writes a variety of different genres including picture books, novels for children, flash fiction, blogs, and non-fiction.

In 2014, Melissa had 3 flash fiction pieces published in Teapot Tales: a collection of unique fairy tales, 3 stories in Jingle Bells: tales of holiday spirit from around the World, and two stories in Tales by the Tree: a collection of holiday flash fiction.

To find out more about Melissa and her writing, please go to her site: and look out next Monday for her contribution to the blog tour.