Yesterday I was at the Dare Conference in Melbourne. Heard some good stuff. Like the story of a missionary in the Philippines who had been witnessing to a guy called Richard. He didn’t think it had been going that well because Richard didn’t speak much English and the missionary didn’t speak much of his language. Then Richard rocked up one night and said he had decided to become a follower of Jesus. The missionary asked him what was it that made him decide. Richard said, “You remembered my name”.

The speaker used this story in relation to the incident in David’s life where David befriended, Mephibosheth, for the sake of his friend, Jonathan (2 Samuel 9). Mephibosheth saw himself as a “dead dog” (v.8). The speaker’s point was that we need to befriend the dead dogs of the world for Jesus’ sake. Richard had been one of those who saw himself as a dead dog and couldn’t believe that someone would bother to remember his name.

Another speaker spoke about some research she had done into the ways God speaks to different people and came to the interesting conclusion that God will most likely speak to us in our preferred learning style. So if we prefer to learn visually God will often give us pictures, if our preferred learning style is auditory God will give us words, if we learn best kinaesthetically then God will “speak” to us through us sensing things. There is also olfactory learning (smell & taste) but that is fairly uncommon. I found this helpful because I couldn’t understand why other people didn’t sense things the way I did but it may be because they have a different learning style to me. What a blessing that God that knows us so well and wants to speak to us in the way we can best understand.