Once I spent two hours with a group of writers talking about writing and about life. Driving home I felt inspired, invigorated, energised. These people were not Christians, their lives were messy and confused but their honesty made me feel alive.

I did not feel this way after spending time with Christians. By comparison my relationship with Christians seemed plastic, shallow, and just a sham. We rarely talked about how we experience life but only about how life was suppose to be. I felt cheated when I realized that they were not being honest with me but more disturbing was why wasn’t I honest with them? Why did I pretend to have life and God figured out?

Another time we ran a youth group where all the young people were from Christian homes. They answered our questions from their heads telling us what they thought we wanted to hear. When we encouraged them to be honest and answer from their hearts, we found their true feelings were buried too deeply for us to reach.

One day a girl came to the group who answered our questions from her heart. She told us what she really thought. Suddenly the others in the group could relate to what she was saying and began to relax. They started sharing from their hearts.

Maybe all it would take for Christian faith to be lived more authentically is for Christians, like me, to be a bit more honest…