We arrived in Honolulu at 6:30am on Saturday feeling rather exhausted as we left home at 5:30am also on Saturday, though it was 22 hours earlier. Anyway we managed to find our hotel and get our bearings. We went for a walk which was somewhat dangerous – being jet lagged and looking in the wrong direction every time we crossed a road! We also managed to find the shopping centre and something to eat.

Sunday morning we went to New Hope Church which was great. It just so happened they were having some baptisms that afternoon so we went to that too. Probably over 100 people* were baptised.

Monday we went on a tour of the island. The guide was very informative and we saw many sights and learnt a lot about Hawaii. The tour went as far as the north shore and we saw some pretty impressive waves.

I have figured out the bus system in Honolulu. It is very cheap ($2.25 anywhere) and very efficient so today we caught a bus up the Manoa Valley. Unfortunately it rained most of the morning but we found a nice place to have lunch and the rain had mostly cleared by the time we had finished.

If we were at home it would now be our wedding anniversary so tonight we are going on a dinner cruise.

The conference starts tomorrow.

*The actual number was 167 people. I have also found out that they have a baptismal service every six weeks