Twelve months prior to the start of the story, Livvy’s best friend Annabel moves away. Livvy never expects to see Annabel again, encouraged by her mother, she seeks to move through her grief as quickly as possible.

Annabel, Again begins when Annabel returns to school and Livvy’s first reaction is shock. Annabel makes no attempt to reconnect with Livvy and quickly makes other friends at school. Livvy struggles to come to terms with not only Annabel’s return but the disregard Annabel shows her as if their previous friendship never existed. Events come to a climax over playing netball.

Through this story, the author, Meg McKinlay is able to explore pre-teen friendships in a fresh way with a clever plot. It shows that misunderstandings can be resolved. It’s an enjoyable story, well written and moves at a good pace.

Thanks to Christian School Suppliers for providing a free book for review.