Recently my husband and I went to the cinema to watch Andre Rieu 10th Anniversary Concert in Maastricht. It was very enjoyable. The musicians played smoothly and effortlessly which only comes from hours of practice.

It is interesting that when it comes to things like learning a musical instrument or becoming competent at a sport we recognize practice and training as an investment. However when it comes to writing we don’t always see what we write as an investment unless it is being read.

When my daughter was six, she showed some interested in learning music and we organized for her to have piano lessons. However she expected me to sit and listen to her practice. With two other younger children this was not going to happen and the lessons were abandoned. Sometimes as writer we expect others to sit and read everything we write as if it is concert standard already.

Writing, like playing a musical instrument or professional sport, requires practice and sometime no one will read it, no one will see it, no one will hear it, yet if we keep on writing the investment will pay off.