When I started this blog 8 years ago I called it A-book-look because I was expecting most of my posts to be about books. During the summer I have been doing some research and discovered that up until 31 December 2012, 327 (31%) of my posts were devotional thoughts based on a particular Bible verse. I have written 216 (20%) formal book reviews and a further 84 (8%) more general posts about books. I guess if you count the Bible as a book then 59% of my posts are about books!

The other 41% of posts have covered a wide range of topics including thoughts arising from news reports, sporting events, sermons, poems, songs, quotes, movies, conferences, seminars, holidays, my work in libraries and my life in general. I also discovered that I write 2.7 posts per week.

I continue to find lots to write about and hope you will continue to find articles here that pique your interest and encourage you in your Christian walk.