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An Easter thought

March 31, 2010

Normally I post a book review on Thursdays, but not this week. About six weeks ago, I decided to take up the option of doing some study which I wrote about here. So I’ve been reading text books rather than my normal reading which I’m finding more worthwhile than I expected! I’ve discovered that I take a lot of things for granted. Some of the things I believe, like the Bible is inspired, like Jesus is God, I’ve just accepted without giving them a lot of thought. So it has been good to take some time to look more deeply into different areas of my faith and I have found it to be very confirming.

As celebrate this Easter, I thought this quote from my theology book, Truth Aflame by Larry Hart (pg. 297), would be appropriate:

The scandal of Christianity has been and always will be the person and work of Christ – that he was God incarnate and that through his death and bodily resurrection he offers the only means of salvation to humankind.

by Susan Barnes
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