“Let’s go fishing, son, just you and me.”

It’s good to spend time individually with each of our children. Every child is unique and we can have a unique relationship with each of them. We can go to a sporting event with one child, that’s boring to another. We can share a hobby with a different child that is tedious to others or we can share a joke that’s nonsense to everyone except them.

God desires to have a unique relationship with us, that is ours alone. The relationship God has with me will be different to the one he has with you. God knows I don’t like surprises so often prepares my heart in advance. Other people love surprises and I suspect God loves to surprise them. We’re all different and important to God. This is why different spiritual practices work better for some than others. If we don’t fulfil our part of our relationship with God, no one else will take our place. No one else can fill the gap we leave.

We’re created for relationship so let’s not miss out on our unique relationship with God.

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