Today I went shopping in Bendigo, bought some new clothes and a new book that I can’t wait to read. It is called, “Things Unseen : living in the light of forever” by Mark Buchanan. I have read several others of his and really enjoyed them.

Then tonight I went to a Bible study group which I recently started attending. We are looking at 1 John and tonight we looked at chapter 2. John mentions three groups of people: children probably 0-12 years, young men (and women) probably 13-30 years and fathers (and mothers) over 30. The discussion centred around the need in our churches for each group to be acknowledged (rather than ignored); how each of these groups have something unique to offer and how they should support and encourage each other. We talked a bit about older people mentoring younger people. As we were leaving the leader told us not to let it just be a good idea but to take action in line with what God was saying. It was a thought provoking evening.