Last week I received some feedback on the book I am writing which went like this: “The single most important piece of advice I can give you is to craft your illustrations with greater care and detail.”

After my initial disappointment I realize this reviewer (whom I have never actually met) was right. I’m not that good at telling/writing illustrations and stories. I don’t take the time to build the context and assume people know where I’m coming from. When I listen to other people’s stories I often feel impatient wishing they would hurry up and get to the point. It’s why I often skip ahead when I’m reading I want to know where someone’s going, cut to the quick, get to the point.

A further part of my problem is I’m so accustom to writing articles that are about 300 words long, it is a massive leap to write a book of 50,000 words. I’ve learnt to condense my thoughts into 300 word blocks which doesn’t work that well in a book.

Still it is not all bad news, the reviewer did say some nice things about my work and now I know what to fix, I only have to figure out how to fix it!