For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. 1 Corinthians 13:12a

On Saturday morning two of my children were travelling to watch a football match, which was about a two-hour drive. Their route passed through the small town where I lived. As there were others going to the match, they decided to rendezvous in our town at the only petrol station. Since they were only planning to be in my town for five minutes they didn’t bother to tell me they were stopping. It just so happened that I needed to go to the supermarket that morning and my husband needed petrol … Consequently, we met them at the petrol station and five minutes very quickly became ten.

God and parents know, but children not so well, that there’s nothing quite like seeing someone face to face. Phone calls, email, SMS, messenger aren’t the same as face to face meetings. You lose all the body language when you can’t see someone and you lose all the inflection when communication is written down. So God arranged a little face to face meeting with my kids to bless my heart.

God is waiting for a face to face meeting with you and me. At the moment no matter how clearly we may think we hear from God we always lose something in the exchange. We only see “as in a mirror” but the day is coming when we will see face to face and then we will know, really know how much we are loved, how much we mean to God and how much he wants to be with us.