I’ve been reading John Marsden’s book, “Everything I know about writing” and he tells this very funny story. He was in a shoe shop trying on shoes:

“I was going through the usual routines when one tries on new shoes. You know how it is: you put on one, or both, then go for a test drive a lap or two of the store. I was doing that, and glancing down at the shoes to admire them, when suddenly I noticed a big swelling in the leg of my jeans, below the left knee. What could it be? Allergy to shoes? Cancer? I balanced on one foot and tried to look up my own leg, not easy when you’re wearing jeans. And finally I realized. The night before, I’d taken off my jeans and jocks in one movement, the way you do. This morning I’d put on clean jocks, then yesterday’s jeans. But yesterday’s jocks were still in the leg of the jeans! And what was worse, they were slipping down a few centimetres with every step I took. In another half dozen steps my underwear would be sitting on the carpet of the shop. What could I do? Only the obvious thing: I ducked behind a rack of shoes and started groping up my own leg; again not easy when you’re wearing jeans. Finally I made contact and pulled them out, and stuffed them quickly into my pocket. But as I did, I looked up. The women selling me the shoes was craning her neck from behind the counter, trying to make out what I was doing. I don’t know whether she thought I was a shoplifter, or some kind of pervert who liked to wave his underwear around in shoe shops.”