Recently I read, A Country Wife by Lucy Pinney. It was a biographical novel, that is mostly non-fiction, also not a Christian book. The story begins when the author, a town girl, marries a farmer. She makes huge adjustments in life style and many sacrifices as life on the land is financially difficult. Her husband seems oblivious to this and after twenty odd years of marriage he leaves her. He goes and lives with another woman on a farm. Some time later the author’s youngest child wants to see his father so she agrees to take him. She is amazed to discover amongst other things the farm her ex-husband now lives on is neat and tidy, the kitchen is animal-free and he now eats goat’s cheese. These things never happened when he was living with her. She is completely confused by this and the book finishes soon after with her living with another guy determined never to be a ‘wife’ again. If this was an isolated scenario I would be not so disturbed by it but unfortunately I have read similar things elsewhere. I guess my question is, if women make huge sacrifices for men does it make them feel incompetent, weak, dependent and that’s why they completely discount them? Or is there some other reason?

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