Peterson is a clinical psychologist and a professor of psychology. The idea for his book, 12 Rules for life, began when he answered this question on the social media site, Quora, “what are the most valuable things everyone should know?” He began formulating a list of rules which eventually became the book.

The sub-title for the book is, “an antidote to chaos.” Peterson’s view of life is quite negative and not without cause. As a psychologist, he treats people from dysfunctional, abusive or neglectful backgrounds and every day hears emotionally crippling problems. Many of his rules are designed to help people have a more positive view of their lives by changing their attitudes. However, the only way he can help people achieve this is through instruction and appealing to their willpower.

Peterson is well-read, well-researched and well-educated. This becomes apparent when you read his work as he quotes from many sources including, quite often, the Bible. However, he isn’t what I would understand to be a Christian. For this reason, I want to write a Christian response to each of his rules for life. So starting next Wednesday, I will look at one of his rules per week. Hope you can join me.

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